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Helping businesses sell more by improving their sales processes and methods, using my real-life expertise and practical tools!

FREE Review of your Sales Approach

Do any of the following challenges apply to you?

  • We want to grow our sales but aren’t sure how best to go about it
  • We want to expand our sales into other markets but need help to create a successful plan
  • We think there are grants available to us but don’t know where to start and need help
  • We need to improve the return on investment in Sales
  • We don’t have a secure and intelligent storage facility to capture all customer and prospect information
  • We have no robust process for accurately forecasting sales revenues
  • We have no structured process for capturing key lessons from wins and losses
  • We have no qualitative feedback on customer / prospect communications
  • We are losing market share
  • We don’t have the time to focus on Sales improvement
  • We don’t know which opportunity to focus our limited resources on first

Why Productive Sales Professionals?

Because sometimes, you need external help to increase the return on your investment in your Sales activity.  Perhaps you:

  • Don’t have the bandwidth to focus on it, or
  • Need external expertise to assess where the immediate areas for improvement are, or
  • Need an external objective ‘helicopter view’ of the Sales approach or
  • Simply want an external expert to give you an unbiased view of changes needed

Whatever the reason, having successfully created and run Sales teams for over 20 years, we know how to improve a company’s sales effectively in today’s connected and fast-paced world.  No hifalutin acronyms and hyperbole, just practical, common sense ideas that you can adopt to help you improve your Sales performance – immediately.

There are things you could do, should do, but don’t – or won’t. Maybe because you don’t know what they are.  Maybe because you don’t have the time. Or maybe because you don’t have the skills. We will help make sure you do.

If any of the above challenges relate to your business, call us on 01664 840763 and we can help you address them with the implementation of some simple, practical tools that will soon have you selling more – and worrying less.

“Working with us, you can expect to achieve an average return on your investment of at least eleven times”

We know how difficult it is to keep abreast of the various Government grants that may be available to you, so that’s why we will seek out any that apply for you – whether for our services or those of other organisations.

We will always work within your budget. We will calculate the business benefit you will achieve in advance and make sure that you achieve a return on your investment of at least six times.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And just like a utility, you can turn our service on and off as and when you choose.  We can provide as little or as much effort as you require – at a frequency to suit your circumstances and budget.

Call on 07712 305111 to arrange an initial no-obligation discussion on how I can help you quickly.

“I am really pleased with his help and input and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other small-medium businesses who want practical help that can be easily adopted and internalised.”
Managing Director, Think Automotive Solutions Ltd
“Phil has brought a much needed ‘external’ perspective to our business. He helped us bring a much more structured and rigorous approach to our sales model, resulting in us using our time much more effectively on things that will deliver a better return. I am really pleased with the way he quickly grasped the key issues we faced and guided us to put in place a programme of actions to get us to where we want to be – practical things that we probably didn’t have the expertise to develop alone.”
Commercial Director, MWS Ltd
“Philip reorganised our entire department in a manner that was virtually painless and resulted in greater productivity and profits. He is also skilled in analytics. He held our entire team accountable without fostering resentment or resistance. “
Business Development Manager, ServiceTec